You have a blog, a domain name, an online business or a website you wish to sell.
If your web property is in any of the "wanted" categories listed on our home page we may
well have a buyer waiting for your web property and willing to pay you immediately.

How it works? Simple and without fuss? You contact us with details of a
relevant web property you wish to sell. We may need 24 hours to take a look
and discuss the property with our client. They like it? They suggest a price.
We contact you with that price. There is no fee or deduction. You get the whole
amount should you accept. Web properties up to $5000 are normally purchased
using Paypal. Properties with higher values are purchased using the Escrow domain
service. You get your payment, you authorize a transfer, it's done.

How do I know what my web property is worth? What are the factors that govern price. These are some of the relevant questions:

  • What business sector is my web property in?
  • How old is my web property? When was it first registered?
  • How much traffic does my web property attract?
  • How does my property rank? What is my Page Rank?
    (Page Rank: Rank my website) (Free service - No account required)
  • How much traffic does my web property attract?
    (Look at my site, blog, domain with Google Analytics: Google Analytics) (Free account required)

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