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Looking to buy a domain name you have seen advertised as for sale? Contact us here. Looking to register a new domain name or require web hosting then checkout Creative Mojo

We represent an exclusive clientele seeking to acquire websites, web projects, blogs, domains, directories and forums that relate to their businesses. Our clients choose us because they wish to remain anonymous. Our clients authorise us to acquire web properties on their behalf subject to their approval.

If you are interested in acquiring web properties go to our web, blog and domain acquisitions page. If you have been contacted by one of our acquisition executives please either reply to their email or respond to the contact on our contact us page.

We are currently seeking blogs, websites and domains in the following categories:

  • Art, Crafts, Crafting and Crafters
  • Bikes, Bicycles, Bike Shops
  • Blogging, Blogs, Blog Creation, Blog Management
  • Button Making, Custom Buttons, Button Machines
    (example: Canadian Button Makers Blog)
  • Dumpster Diving
    (example: Dumpster Divers Blog)
  • Fair Trade, Global Justice, Global Awareness
    (example: Global Fair Trade Directory)
  • Hobbies, 'How-to's, DIYs
  • Music, Bands, Make Your Own Music
  • News and general information
  • Upcycling, Recycling, Repurposing and Remanufacturing
    (example: Blog)
  • Simple websites with their domain name
  • Complete commercial websites with excellent Page Ranking
  • Websites that sell physical products based in the USA or Canada

If you have a blog, a domain or a website relevant to any of the above categories you can turn that web property into cash, safely and simply. Email us your details and information regarding your web property and we will assess its value and make an offer. You can then accept or refuse the offer. If you accept we will broker the deal using a tried and trusted domain service and Escrow.

If you are looking to change, renew or reinvigorate your blogs, selling some properties may allow you to focus on the main blog whilst providing cash to promote or improve your core business.

If you have reached a point where you wish to cash in your web properties or sell your blog - talk to us first.

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